Deeper meaning of the term “Church”


I find myself at a new junction in life with Christ. Funny but really sad how some people put the church into denominational terms and fail in their walk when Christ is telling them to stretch their faith to look at the big picture. The Glory of God in a sense then gets missed. The Bride of Christ instead of something attractive becomes a cold unloving company!

It can be scary when your flesh is strong and someone says…

“What church do you belong to?”

“Aahhh?”, you may stutter.

I try to always reply,…

“The Born again church!”

I believe this is true and so much deeper than saying, ” I am a Baptist, Catholic, Pentecostal, (add here)

I did this in Bethlehem when my tour guide asked me what church I am from. When I said “Born Again”, he later answered that my type was different…in a good way. I honestly don’t even know if he was a believer of Christ but I was comforted by the Holy Spirit when he said those words. The tour guide was touched not by my ‘ministry\ but the ministry of Jesus within me. Selah

Later in Jerusalem, I met a few gardeners at the Mt. Olives location where the Catholics have a fancy building at the bottom of the hill. As we were talking to them , they also asked me what church do I belong to? I replied …

“Born again”

They smiled and said to me that they wanted me to meet someone.

Soon a cab driver appeared and told me that he wanted to show me a church in the area that would be a real blessing to visit. He was friendly while I was skeptical. After some more dialogue and questioning; I and my travel companions sensed he was sincere and followed his plan to drive us to a nearby church group meeting at a house.

The Holy Spirit really wants us to be guide by his leading. I believe the church is growing in a healthy way in various places on the earth. It is encouraging to say the least you born again family members!

Below: King Herod buried countless babies he ordered killed when seeking Jesus after he was born and foretold to be the Messiah. Tomb exists nearby site that Jesus was born! How ironic.


Love and Blessings

PS: In my eyes how can one separate church and state? Yes, there is the “world’s ways”  and the “church ways” that contrast deeply; but when we accept Christ…. we become the CHURCH and desire ALL see the LIGHT that Jesus has sent into world to follow. We desire to EXPAND the church in the state!


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