Changing with the Holy Spirit

But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you.

-John 14:26 New King James Version

One of the main reasons, we can lose the fire of God passion in life is because of not changing direction. Bam! I hit a wall…. it hurts.

Why did this happen?

Because you did not change course mate.

The Holy Spirit is our main guide once surrendered to Christ. Period.

Why are we so hard headed people?

Pride ..yes. Selfishness…yes. (add here)

It can all move in, capture our heart and strangle the very power of God!

In many cases, If we don’t move and obey Him quickly, who is the invisible Jesus, we can find ourselves in big trouble and deep danger. Hitting black walls of deep regret, hurt, unnecessary time commitment and so on.


Pain … Hell literally. Because we were disobedient to God.

Let’s not waste time. I like you… do not embrace change well because of uncomfortable situations that may arise. I talk to a lot of people throughout the week and some are so unhappy because life is boring, hard pressed…yada yada. I have my moments too of frustration with the whole nine yards and can often relate. But if U listen to the Holy Spirit’s voice, I get the best picture of what to say to a weary soul needing a change of direction. I desire to sow God’s agenda. Providing comfort, perhaps a word from God, and/or advice often then leads to thankfulness from that beaten soul we minister too. When appropriate ,wait on the Holy Spirit on ‘what’ exactly to share from God’s word  to a person needing understanding always grounded in love. Ephesians 3:17

How God loves our open heart! One can then move in power because God is in heart of the individual. He then propels it!

Someone generally ready to listen on a street can be hard to come by these days. iPods are in many ears and eyes glued to cellphones. So..get to them thru that means then! It is lacking in the body of Christ to truly …listen…to the Holy Spirit and act on His command to proceed in direction. Preaching without listening to the Holy Spirit first is unfruitful. Ask my wife! lol. It can cause you setback in your soul and cause depression…

God gives the best to all who thirst and cry out to him. If ‘we’ are open to His change….’we’ embrace the warmth of God and success results! We are on our way then to better things; better than the Lord of Rings trilogy adventure I add.

As we change with the Holy Spirit; life will be really abundant. It says so in the Bible. Promised by God. John 10:10. Let us maintain our order of command with Jesus at the pinnacle of office. We will be happier, more fruitful, and excited in what the change brings.

Cheers and Blessings


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