Insight for Living in 2013: Private Banking Cartel- Part 1

I find it so interesting as I view many sites on the end times. There is a serious monetary condition that is binding people to debt. Even if you are of a religious faith or not; the world’s global economy is being run by an elite group.

Even leaders of countries cannot get out from under the financial system that has been set up buy the private banking cartel. It is time we educate ourselves on this group and their motives. ImageThe world standard currency is the US dollar. Being a Canadian, I understand that the US is an economic and miltary superpower…but their is more to that.  The situation involves the private banking industry or cartel.

I am a believer of Jesus Christ…or you would say Christian. You may not be…that is ones personal choice however please view this video below. I have posted the link about the Rothschilds and views on the Private Banking powers.

As I  do not agree with everything in the video; I do see some truths here and how they may play out in the end times. Being in debt as individuals and as a nation; wherever you reside; we are definitely limited on what we can do and what we can achieve. Though I believe God can give us great wisdom in navigating to the narrow road that leads to hope and eternal life.

May the King of Glory protect you and guide you. Over the next week; I will look into the ways the mainline media avoids talking about the private banking cartel. Investigate and send me any comments or facts you may have or wish to share.


Cheers and Blessings,

Saber Wells




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