Cheers ~ A Toast to the King and to your destiny!

Cheers ~ A Toast to the King and to your destiny!

My Opinion:

I am gonna toast with tea ok? I like it as my throat needs the herbs.

We can see a lot going down around us lately. The jam up in the Middle East, the global agenda of the New order makers, the Obama agenda in the US anchoring liberalism , and the general attitude of people waiting for something more needed for the soul! Let’s have a cup of tea…shall we?

I am turned on really…when I see the words of Jesus coming to manifest destiny. Literally when I turned onto looking at God as GOD and me as a servant & son…my life begin. All my life I saw the world in a matrix of controlling doors with key figure heads in it. Now I can see that the force of truth is there to be given to anyone who believes.

What kind of tea do you u like? I have been really digging Chai Spearmint tea the past few weeks. Having a java with a writer lately turned me onto getting back into writing from the heart. Is your creative force been empty lately? Fill it up! Spend some time in nature. Look at the forests and lakes. Do the thing you remember when you were a kid that made u feel connect to the earth’s dirt.

Well, a toast to you! God wants to use you to write, play music, direct a movie, and inspire a people! Your destiny is in control of God’s hands if you let me lead.

Romans 10:9 ..”if you confess with your mouth, Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart the God raised Him from the dead will be saved!”

Your destiny is tied into believing in Jesus. The movie “Gladiator’ served as a reminder of the turns life can make. Your new door will open when you invite Him into yooouuuurrr life!

Invite , “Who?” said..

I said..”Jesus”

Step forward and bow before the royalty of God ..creator of the solar system! You are now apart of the royal priesthood once you become ‘born again’ . John 3:7

Cheers Andreas


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